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The Newest Threat to Our Military: Jon Swift has notified us of a new danger within the ranks of our very own military -- community theater actors!

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Innocent Bigot - TV Tropes The Innocent Bigot trope as used in popular culture. So you've got a really nice character who comes from a sheltered background. They could be a Sheltered …

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Tyneham - the Village that Peacetime Betrayed | Dorset. “Please treat the church and houses with care. We have given up our houses where many of us have lived for generations to help win the war to keep men free.

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Paiute War - Wikipedia The Paiute War, also known as the Pyramid Lake War, Washoe Indian War and the Pah Ute War, was an armed conflict between Northern Paiutes allied with the Shoshone and.

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Four-Star Badass - TV Tropes The important characteristic of Four-Star Badass is the BADASS. It's not enough for them to be The Brigadier or a Benevolent Boss (although they tend to.